Buy a Bike Ride gift token

Why not buy a bike ride gift token for a friend or loved one?

After paying the entry fee online, you will receive an email containing a unique code which you write in an appropriate card for the season, birthday etc and give to the rider. Alternatively you can print a Token template and write in the token code you will receive.

If you are the leader of a team and want to pay for your fellow team members, you can select the quantity you want to pay for and you will receive that number of token codes.

The cost of each one is the same as the regular entry fee, currently £35.00  . Each Token will remain valid for registration until 7 days before the ride date, when online registration closes. (ie. until 05/05/2024)

In the form below, enter a valid email address to request the Token code(s). Please enter it twice to ensure there are no typos, as this is our only way to ensure you receive your receipt and your activated code(s).

After clicking the 'Request Token' Button you will see a CONTINUE button which will take you to our payment processor, PayPal. (Learn more about PayPal?)

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