Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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    • Q: My login doesn't seem to work: what can I do?
      A: If your login doesn't work there are a few possibilities:
      • Check that you are entering characters in the right case: passwords are case sensitive. eg: 'SuperRider1; is not the same as 'superrider1;
      • You registered as a rider but haven't paid the entry fee yet.
        Solution: Pay now
      • You have several email address and are using the wrong one as your username:
        Solution: check the email message that you received after registering as a rider
      • None of the above - maybe there's a bug!
        Solution: Please get in touch directly and tell us about the problem.
    • Q: I forgot my password - What can I do ?
      A: Try the 'Forgot password ' link on the rider login page
    • Q: Why can't I use the same email for my family/group?
      A: The conditions for permission to use the public roads and to get insurance require us to be able to identify every rider individually and we use the email address as the unique identifier for each rider. In this case we cannot allow more than one registration with the same email address. You can get additional emails free from hotmail/outlook, gmail and others, which you can arrange to 'forward' to your own email address.
    • Q: I didn’t get an an acknowledgment of my registration; what has gone wrong?
      A: Email servers are getting increasingly sensitive to an email that looks like it might be spam. Please look in your spam/junk email folder and search for the ‘From' address containing '' Also please put in your 'whitelist'/'approved sender list' (if you know how to do it) and/or add it to your email contact list.
    • Q: How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
      A: If we are sending you too much stuff, you can easily unsubscribe from the list. In the newsletter menu on the website you will see the item “Enough already!” Clicking this item will present you with a form to enter your email address and your address will be removed when you submit the form.
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